Project Management.

  • I can recommend a team of professional craftsman that will build you your dream kitchen or bath.  They have worked in my own home,  the homes of my friends/family, and the homes of my clients. Everyone says how knowledgeable they are, how nice they are, and how respectful they are of their homes.
  • This team has worked together on many jobs and they know what to expect from each other, and this makes the project as seamless as possible.
  • During the project I am always available to discuss each decision.  From the smallest – which knobs should I get? What is the best place to buy appliances?  Can I find this faucet anywhere less expensive? Who is the best countertop installer? Who is going to install the appliances?  To the larger decisions – who is the best contractor or architect for this project?
  • Please read some of my testimonials from prior clients to see how happy they were with my attention to detail. my recommendations for cabinets, and the overall seamless execution of all the details.

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