The Planning Process.

  • I will meet with you and listen to your wants and needs for you project. How will you use the space?  What’s not working with your current space? Do you like a modern, transitional or traditional design?  What is your budget?
  • We will discuss the scope of the project.  Does it involve moving existing plumbing/electrical?  Do you need to remove walls, or build new walls? Are we moving doors, windows? Are you planning on changing from an electric stove to gas stove or cook-top?
  • If I need to bring in my third generation carpenter with 30 years of experience or if I need my structural engineer to attend the meeting to give us more information during the planning stage – they will be there.
  • From the information gathered in the first two steps I will come up with a budget for the overall project.  My financial background helps me put together all the costs of the project and present you with a complete budget.  I will keep you on target during the entire project by tracking the expenses, and keeping you informed.
  • I will draw out our discussed plans using the Architectural drafting software CAD, Chief Architect or KCDW design software which provides color renderings of the new design.

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